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Keywords: python
Downloads: 3
[movies]PY 4U 23: Basic Program Structure - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at a simple Python program in order to go over the basic structure of a Python Program
Keywords: python
Downloads: 24
Keywords: python
Downloads: 7
Shape Building Using Python
Keywords: Python
Downloads: 4
Débuter à programmer en Python
Keywords: PYTHON
Downloads: 2
[movies]SFK09 Leonardo Gaston De Luca Being a n00b, yet hacking in Python - Leonardo Gaston De Luca
Leonardo Gaston De Luca Being a n00b, yet hacking in Python
Keywords: python
Downloads: 44
[movies]Gael Varoquaux: Scientific data visualization using Mayavi2 - UC Berkeley Python 4 science
Talk given by Gael Varoquaux to the "Python 4 Science" group at UC Berkeley on July 14, 2009. Gael formerly worked at Enthought and is now working at INRIA, NeuroSpin, as a research fellow in applied math for neuroscience problems. He uses Mayavi2 extensively and helped contribute to its development. Abstract: Gael Varoquaux will talk about the evolution from interactive exploration to scripting to application building in the context of scientific data analysis, specifically using the tools in M...
Keywords: python
Downloads: 933
[texts]Apprendre a programmer avec Python - Gerard Swinnem
Contents: Penser comme un programmeur; Premiers pas; Contr�le du flux d'instructions; Instructions r�p�titives; Principaux types de donn�es; Fonctions pr�d�finies; Fonctions originales; Utilisation de fen�tres et de graphismes; : Les fichiers; Approfondir les structures de donn�es; Le point sur les listes; : Classes, objets, attributs; Classes, m�thodes, h�ritage; Classes & Interfaces graphiques; Et pour quelques widgets de plus; Fen�tres avec menus; Analyse de programmes c...
Keywords: Python
Downloads: 38
[texts]Python for Education - Ajith Kumar B.P.
In the first chapter, a general introduction ab out computers and high level programming languages is given. Basics of Python language, Python mo dules for array and matrix manipulation, 2D and 3D data visualization, typ e-setting mathematical equations using latex and numerical methods in Python are covered in the subsequent chapters. Example programs are given for every topic discussed. This document is meant for those who want to try out these examples and modify them for better understanding...
Keywords: Python
Downloads: 612
[audio]Python 3.3.3 ( 1)
Keywords: Python
Downloads: 67
[movies]PY 4U 45: Sorting and Modifying a Collection - James Robertson
To modify a collection while looping over it, use a copy - we'll do that today with slicing.  
Keywords: python; loops
Downloads: 3
[movies]PY 4U 39: Tuples - James Robertson
Today we'll take a look at some of the things you can do with tuples - setting up empty or one element tuples requires some special syntax, and there's also syntax for "unpacking" a tuple into individual variables
Keywords: python; tuples
Downloads: 11
[movies]PY 4U 28: Variable Arguments to Functions - James Robertson
In Python, functions can take a variable number of arguments - and there are a variety of ways of defining them.  Today we'll look at the simplest approach
Keywords: python; varargs
Downloads: 14
[movies]PY 4U 20: Looping and else - James Robertson
Python has a break statement for loops, which is fairly common.  It also allows an else clause for loops, which is pretty interesting
Keywords: python; loops
Downloads: 12
[movies]PY 4U 31: Lambda Functions - James Robertson
Python includes support for lambda functions, although they are limited to single expressions.  Today we'll look at a simple example
Keywords: python; lambda
Downloads: 9
[movies]PY 4U 29: VarArgs 2 - James Robertson
Today we'll go back to varargs in Python, and point out that keyword style arguments allow you to call functions with all (or a subset) of the defined arguments in any order
Keywords: python; varargs
Downloads: 26
[movies]PY 4U 40: Dictionaries - James Robertson
Today we'll take a look at Dictionaries in Python, starting with creation - both via direct syntax and the dict() constructor
Keywords: python; dictionaries
Downloads: 11
[movies]PY 4U 6: Basic String Operations - James Robertson
Today we'll look at some of the basic operations for strings in Python
Keywords: python; string
Downloads: 25
[movies]PY 4U 17: Basic Lists in Python - James Robertson
Today we'll take a look at collections (lists) in python, with some basic overview
Keywords: python; lists
Downloads: 20
[movies]PY 4U 62: Using the Exception in a Handler - James Robertson
In Python, you can take the instance of a raised eception as an argument to your handler; today we'll have a look at that.
Keywords: python; exception
Downloads: 61
[movies]PY 4U 4: Numbers in Python - James Robertson
Using the command line REPL, we'll have a look at some of the properties of numbers in Python today
Keywords: python; numbers
Downloads: 30
[movies]PY 4U 48: Initializing a Class Instance - James Robertson
In Python, you can customize how your classes instantiate with the __init__ function
Keywords: python; class
Downloads: 19
[movies]PY 4U 42: Iterating Dictionaries - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at how you can iterate over the keys and values in a dictionary in Python
Keywords: python; dictionary
Downloads: 5
collage of output of python challange6
Keywords: python; collage
Downloads: 62
[movies]PY 4U 21: While Loops in Python - James Robertson
Today we'll look at while loops in Python - which, like for loops, allow for an else clause
Keywords: python; loops
Downloads: 14
[movies]PY 4U 1: Getting Started with Python - James Robertson
To kick off this series, we'll get the latest version of Python going, and illustrate why you might not want to stick with whatever happens to be installed on your system
Keywords: python; installation
Downloads: 55
[movies]PY 4U 7: Python from a File - James Robertson
You don't want to do everything in the Python shell - you'll want to write longer programs, and save them.  Today we'll look at how you create a small program, and then how you invoke it.
Keywords: python; idle
Downloads: 19
[movies]IntroductionToPythonUsingTurtleGraphics - Albert van Aardt
Elementary introduction to the Python programming language. Live lecture to 13 - 16 year old school kids.
Keywords: Python programming
Downloads: 438
[movies]PY 4U 33: The Pass Statement - James Robertson
Sometimes when you start fleshing out your application, you know you need a function that does something, but aren't ready to code it yet.  You can use the pass statement to make those functions syntactically legal
Keywords: python; pass
Downloads: 21
[movies]PY 4U 60: Exceptions - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at exceptions in Python, and how to handle them
Keywords: python; exception
Downloads: 14
[audio]SomeNews Podcast 53
In this podcast:UK Sex Survey Results (starts 01:20)Monty Python Return (starts 06:37) Middle Names (starts 08:46)
Keywords: Monty Python
Downloads: 72
[movies]PY 4U 58: A Simple Class Example - James Robertson
Today we will go over a simple class in Python, as a prelude to adding test cases
Keywords: python; class
Downloads: 17
[movies]PY 4U 61: Else Clauses in Exception Handlers - James Robertson
Python lets you add a single else clause to a handler - and it'll get executed only if the execption(s) being handled don't happen
Keywords: python; exception
Downloads: 41
[movies]PY 4U 27: The Pass Command - James Robertson
The pass command in python is mostly a placeholder you can use where you would otherwise need to put "real code"
Keywords: python; pass
Downloads: 12
[movies]PY 4U 74: Importing and Using JSON - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at some basic JSON support in Python
Keywords: python; json
Downloads: 19
[movies]PY 4U 3: A First Look at Python - James Robertson
Today we are going to write some very simple Python, using the command line interpreter environment.  We'll talk about some basics - especially the relevance of indentation
Keywords: python; interpreter
Downloads: 36
[movies]PY 4U 18: List Comprehensions - James Robertson
Python has a really nice way of creating new lists using list syntax and the for() syntax.  Today we'll have a look at that
Keywords: python; lists
Downloads: 15
[movies]PY 4U 80: Seeking In Streams - James Robertson
Today we'll look at how you reposition the read cursor using Python streams
Keywords: python; streams
Downloads: 8
[movies]PY 4U 44: Iterating Over Two Sequences - James Robertson
Using the built in zip function to ceate a tuple, you can pretty easily iterate over the elements in two sequences in Python
Keywords: python; iteration
Downloads: 6
[movies]PY 4U 64: Exception Attributes - James Robertson
In Python, you can pass any additional data you want with an exception - we'll have a look today
Keywords: python; exception
Downloads: 6
[movies]PY 4U 69: Priacy and Name Mangling - James Robertson
All attributes and functions in Python are public, but there are conventions for marking things "private" - and support for name mangling.
Keywords: python; privacy
Downloads: 23
[movies]PY 4U 43: Dictionary Operations - James Robertson
Today we'll look at some of the more immediately useful library functions for dictionaries in Python
Keywords: python; dictionary
Downloads: 8
[movies]PY 4U 24: Return Statements - James Robertson
In Python, we return values from functions via the return statement.  As it happens, when you don't explicitly return a value, there's a default return
Keywords: python; return
Downloads: 27
[movies]PY 4U 72: Generating Iterators - James Robertson
Python has support for automatically creating iterators using what are called Generators.  Today we'll have a look
Keywords: python; generator
Downloads: 10
[movies]PY 4U 34: Removing From Lists - James Robertson
Today we'll go back to lists, and look at a couple of different ways that you can remove things from them
Keywords: python; lists
Downloads: 13
[movies]PY 4U 79: Reading Lines from a Text File - James Robertson
Today we'll continue looking at the IO libraries in Python
Keywords: python; io
Downloads: 6
[movies]PY 4U 16: Ranges - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at the built in range() function in Python.  It's frequently used in looping, so it makes sense to cover that now
Keywords: python; range
Downloads: 20
[movies]PY 4U 10: Introducing Variables - James Robertson
Today we'll talk about method variables in Python.  It's a simple topic, but one that I've seen people stumble on
Keywords: python; variables
Downloads: 16
[movies]PY 4U 51: Overriding Base Methods - James Robertson
Today we'll have a look at how you can override an inherited method in Python code, and how you can invoke the base behavior from within that overridden method
Keywords: python; inheritance
Downloads: 11
[movies]PY 4U 63: Catching Any Exception - James Robertson
In Python, we can set things up to catch any exception.  While this is powerful, it can also be dangerous.
Keywords: python; exception
Downloads: 12
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